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The remembrance collection

Whereas statistical information and reporting are helpful with understanding the issues as solutions are sought, focusing merely on the numbers can make the victims nameless, simply a number, as it were.

Each and every victim of human trafficking has a name, a voice that has been silenced, as well as a life worth saving, and a story worth telling. This fact makes highlighting stories of rescue and healing vital.

These beautiful scarves have been in the works for some time now because we wanted them to be just perfect for you! You will find three different elements in charcoal-colored script on each scarf:

1. The names of individuals that have been rescued from human trafficking;
2. The age of each person when they were rescued;
3. The country in which they were rescued.

There are other items in this collection that illustrate this same information.

All of these components help us to remember the struggle that every single person named has gone through, as well as the organizations and people that are working to support those that have been or are at risk of being human trafficked. Your purchase matters and your purchase changes lives.  


Grey WAR Remembrance Tote

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