While our stores are closed, we are ramping up our online presence. Crisis is our passion and our mission. We will continue to be a circle of protection not only for the vulnerable but also for YOU, since we are all vulnerable right now. While we have shut down many functions to honor the Governor's Executive Order, we continue to carry on the most essential functions to our mission. Our finance department continues to work, mostly through remote access. Our 911 line and our phone calls are also being answered remotely during regular business hours. Since the Michigan state governor identified security and communications staff as essential personnel, these efforts continue. While we are taking precautions, we are not afraid. We will continue to serve our wounded with the same passion as before. You can call on us—we will be here for you.
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volunteer opportunitiesVolunteer Opportunities

You make it possible to provide women and children with places of safety, dignity, and hope! Your involvement supports the work of our programs and partners, worlds away and here in the USA. When you donate your time, talent or treasure you take action against injustice and empower women! No matter where you live or work, you can join the WAR family through a variety of ways. Look below to learn more!


Host A Party

Promote justice by hosting a WAR conference or party. Increasing awareness and product sales is essential to empowering the rescued and at-risk.

Join Our Style Team

Become a voice for the silenced on WAR’s style committee, as a product consultant, or even through unpaid internships at HQ.

Volunteer With Us

Join the fight for freedom as a WAR volunteer at HQ, in your neighborhood or as you travel with us on Circle Tour.  Large or small groups are welcome!

Become a Consultant

No experience needed! Join our group of faithful women who are passionate about sharing the mission of WAR, Int’l with their community members. Training will be provided, along with laughs, and the opportunity to make new friends! 

Share Your Favorite Products

Let women know they are valuable! Buy & brag on their beautiful products, empowering them to work with purpose!

Donate Items New & Used

Diapers, clothes, & crayons have the power to change a life! Learn how you can offer hope & healing!