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Founder's corner

A Note from Founder and President, Becky McDonald

If my Jewelry Could Talk…

…Oh, the stories they could tell! Here at WAR, we are starting a new venture with the intent to make some of my own personal possessions, starting with my jewelry, available to YOU for purchase! Yes, you read that correctly. These “things” don’t really matter to me. It’s the stories behind them and the precious lives they represent that I treasure. Check back regularly to see what pieces are being featured, and read the stories behind their creation. Many of the pieces I wear are personal gifts made by survivors. These pieces have traveled the world with me. They’ve run through red light districts, hugged crying kids offered for sale, giggled with girls in safehouses as we talked about their dreams, or sat faithfully on my sink in a hotel or guest house along the way. I’ve worn these pieces in palaces with princesses, and donned them to attend royal weddings. They’ve visited humble widows’ homes where we’ve sat on mud floors, and have attended banquets for hundreds of rescued women--where we play games, dance, and delight in being girls set free. They’ve sat through the graduations of girls and boys who are now doctors, lawyers, nurses, seamstresses, engineers, teachers, or loving mommies who are, to their own, what no one ever was to them. They’ve known soap bubbles and baby spit as teen moms learned to bathe their babies. They’ve rocked a child with polio, whose mother hid her under a bed to protect her from predators. They’ve had countless tears wash them clean, and have listened as I wept with, prayed over, and comforted countless broken lives. They’ve watched me fight my way through a crowd of angry men or stare down a predator just daring me to pass him by. These pieces have become my own warrior jewelry, echoing the shout, “These were made by hands of brokenhearted ones whose lives are now set free—I dare you to defy that freedom!

*All proceeds from the sale of these items benefits WAR, Int'l programming.