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Fresh finds

Discover the “wow” factor in our one-of-a-kind Kantha designs featured in this week’s Fresh Finds collection. Kantha, a word meaning “patched cloth,” is a type of embroidery native to Southeastern Asia and refers to both the tradition of creating something new from discarded scraps of fabric, as well as the craft and stitch itself.

Utilizing this rich tradition, our artisans repurpose old saris into intricate purses, blankets, scarves, and jackets. Each piece is unique, handstitched as a labor of love. Every day, the rescued and at-risk Indian women within this program come to work in a safe space where they can rewrite the stories of their lives one stitch at a time. Be inspired by their handiwork and zoom on over to snag your favorites! With one-third taken off the total, this one goes in the bag!

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