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P4WB Bracelet
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P4WB Bracelet P4WB Bracelet

P4WB Bracelet

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Pray For WAR Babies (P4WB) is WAR International's response -- a heart torn battle cry -- to the horrors of worldwide baby trafficking. With the experience and know-how needed to maneuver such a twisted market, the P4WB program enables WAR, Int'l to step in, defend against predatory traffickers, and prevent the sale of these precious children. Once a baby has been rescued, WAR Int'l partners with local orphanages and individuals to provide each baby with the protection, care, and healing that is needed.

Will you help P4WB be a mother to the motherless? When you partner with P4WB, you help create a shield for "the least of these" -- innocent babies. Buy a P4WB bracelet, specially made as a prayer reminder and a great conversation starter, as well as a contribution to the fund specifically designated for children in need of rescue.


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Stories capture what goes unseen. They open closed doors, reveal hidden evils, and celebrate recovery. Stories reach across the globe, finding their way into our hands and hearts. Voices once silenced by abuse, addiction, and abandonment become loud cries for justice through the power of the written word. Heart-wrenching accounts of slavery and exploitation awaken communities to dark realities and call them to action. All this begins with you. When you make a purchase in support of rescued and at-risk individuals, you do not just gain a book or a bracelet—you help to rewrite the stories of rescued and at-risk women, transforming knowledge into rescue and words into a way of life.

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When you volunteer your time, talents, and treasure, you enter the front lines of the fight to lift wounded women to places of dignity. You are our fellow soldier. Not only have you jumped into the trenches with us, but you’ve become a leader on the battlefield. As you learn about risk issues and WAR programs, you spread our mission for hope and healing. Your passionate voice brings others to the battleground, and together we work to support the fight for freedom and justice. Young girls will go to school. Lonely widows will find dignity. A helping hand will reach exploited women. Thank you for becoming our fellow WARrior—for learning, speaking, and acting on behalf of those at risk. We couldn’t do it without you!