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Samuel Hat Latte
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Samuel Hat Latte

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This soft, adorable children's hat is made of natural bamboo and cotton blend yarn. Each one was skillfully hand knit by at-risk and rescued women in China, and your purchase supports their healing and a hopeful, sustainable future. Hand wash this item to maintain shape.


Where this product came from

Deep Green


Across the terrains of the tropics, green stalks of bamboo shoot skyward from the ground. An astoundingly versatile, tree-like grass, bamboo has been used and cherished for millennia. It feeds humans and panda bears. it can create shelter-from bamboo huts to Western flooring. When spun into yarn, the threads and fibers form luxuriously soft textiles. Bamboo materials are also relatively sustainable, drawing us one step closer to saving, protecting, and nurturing the planet. Thanks to the Deep Green Project, they can also save, protect, and nurture people. Trafficking and abuse victims find employment and empowerment through this budding organization. There, they are received with love, bamboo yarn, and knitting needles. As fabrics grow and take form, so does a sense of dignity and healing. You can take part in this process, too, by purchasing the work of their hands. In doing so, you protect the environment and survivors of injustice.


Joanna left her hometown years ago, hoping that the city would offer a better way of life. Instead, it gave her a grueling factory job. The hours were long and inhumane, and the wages measly. It chiseled away at her spirit, but she stayed anyway, believing there were no better options. Finally, after working several other jobs, she discovered a home with Deep Green. It was there that her knitting skills-acquired at age ten-proved useful. Now, rather than slaving over machinery in dangerous sweat shops, she deftly manipulates needles and yarn to form beautiful fabrics. Cheerful chatter has replaced the roar of industrial equipment. And weariness has been exchanged for hope-hope for a brighter future, in which Joanna opens the doors to her own business. Thanks to Deep Green, that can soon become reality.