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Gold Neutral Layered Necklace
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Gold Neutral Layered Necklace

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This is a beautiful gold plated necklace with three different chains that will add a touch of sophistication. On the longest chain there is a brown faceted glass stone that dangles from the center. Then the second longest chain is plain with no adornment added and the third longest chain has tiny glass  dark blush colored beads all around it, making this versatile piece go with any outfit to add something special. Support at-risk women when you purchase these gorgeous handmade necklaces. This design is made in Thailand.

Dimensions: 25", 28.5", 33" chains.


Where this product came from

Pearls of Hope


Deep beneath the waters of the sea lies an inspiring story of hope in the face of crisis. As tiny invaders lodge themselves within oyster shells, they are covered over with layers of beauty, forming unique and precious pearls. In the heart of Thailand, a similar transformation takes place as women gather to create exquisite jewelry from these pearls. Working in safety and dignity, they find their own stories of crisis giving way as their true beauty and value emerges. Pearls of Hope is a preventative program that “rescues” and empowers vulnerable women so they don’t become victims of human trafficking. Creating jewelry in their own homes or small shops, these women often employ other at-risk women, widening the circles of protection within their communities. Like the extraordinary gems formed as a response to hardship, the Pearls of Hope women are overcoming difficult circumstances to make something beautiful of their lives. Your purchase reaches across the ocean to help empower them to live in safety and work with dignity.


Mai was alone, abandoned by her husband to care for their two children. With little money and no protection, Mai and her children were at risk of being targeted by those who prey on the desperate and vulnerable, luring them into the notorious trafficking markets of Thailand. Determined to resist them and find a way to support herself, Mai ventured to open a small pearl shop. Eager to see Mai, her family, and her business flourish, WAR, Int’l began a partnership with her. She interacts with WAR, Int’l staff and jewelry experts regularly, gaining mentorship and resources to grow her business and provide for her family. Now her shop not only provides her with a reliable income but also creates jobs for many other vulnerable women. As Mai’s business continues to grow, so does the circle of protection and hope embracing at-risk women in her community. When you wear these beautiful pearls, you are wearing the story of women protected, empowered, and living with dignity.