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Alphabet Garland
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Alphabet Garland

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Dress up your kid's room or school room with this felt alphabet garland that comes in multi-color. Blue, green, purple, pink, red and orange. Make learning fun and decorative at the same time. Support at-risk women by purchasing these unique garlands made in Nepal.

Size: Approximately: 7' 4" L


Where this product came from

Rehab Center of Thailand


Thailand’s cultural traditions bind disabled people to the streets—begging for food, shelter, and the hope of a better life. Believed to bring bad luck on the able-bodied, many are forced from city sidewalks and busy villages. As they stumble through lonely and desperate lives, the Rehab Center of Thailand seeks to intercede and direct them toward a path of dignity and joy. Hands and feet once believed to be incapable are empowered through unique and sought-after skills—ornate wood carving, jewelry & metal crafting, and textile production. Their new-found talents support them economically while a cluster of small, comfortable, homes helps build a close-knit community of friends and coworkers. Together, the difficult road of life becomes one of joy, peace, and purpose. When you take home their hand-crafted treasures, you join them on this journey towards hope and healing.


Leprosy had taken everything from Lee. Health, home, and family had all disappeared during his struggle for survival, and he was left with nothing. The disease transformed him into a refugee, an outcast in his own nation. But at Rehab Center of Thailand, Lee found healing and wholeness, not only for his body but also for his weary soul. Lee’s hands became capable and skilled once again. After much therapy, he was able to begin crafting hand-painted greeting cards. The center’s staff saw an immediate change in Lee. Confidence and joy began to take shape, and he felt at home in his new community. Not long after, Lee was married and now has a family of his own. Together, they live and work at Rehab Center of Thailand, knowing they have dignity and worth beyond measure.