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Purple Ceramic Elephant Ornament
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Purple Ceramic Elephant Ornament Purple Ceramic Elephant Ornament Purple Ceramic Elephant Ornament

Purple Ceramic Elephant Ornament

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How's this for an elephant in the room? Each delicate hand-blown glass ornament was created by our artisan partners in Egypt, and your purchase of this meticulously crafted piece supports them and their families.


Where this product came from

Middle East Glass Artisans


In order to see behind the veil, to reach into the hidden hearts and lives of Middle Eastern women, WAR, Int’l has created business partnerships with ten glass-blowing enterprises in Egypt. By cultivating relationships with the male artisans in the glass factories, we gain privileged interaction with their wives and daughters, allowing us to design programs specific to their needs and culture. As needs are brought to our attention, we offer educational scholarships, vocational opportunities, and medical aid. Funds from ornaments also help sponsor a local safehouse. As WAR, int’l builds these relationships and programs in the Middle East, we whisper messages of worth and value to the women we reach. Your purchase communicates that they are beautiful and deserve to be treasured and protected—just like the hand-blown glass ornaments fashioned by their fathers and husbands.

Stories of Rescue & Empowerment

Products from our Egyptian partners include ornaments, glass chess sets, and alabaster eggs. As in all our programs, we are committed to going beyond fair trade. Artisans work 8-10 hours a day in clean, well-lit factories and are paid per piece, averaging three times the minimum wage. Many proudly display photos of beloved family members in their work spaces. Some artisans work from their homes, continuing a family skill passed down from generation to generation.