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Africrans 2 Pack
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Africrans 2 Pack

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Two marbled, recycled crayons.

"Africrans by Amerikids" is a project started by an 11-year-old American girl to help African orphans in Ghana. American children help collect and strip the crayons, which are then melted down and reformed into Africrans (see picture).

Colors will vary.

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Krayons 4 Kids by Kids


Children use crayons, markers, and paints to tell us about the world as they see it. Scribbled messes, construction paper collages, and drawings of stick figures become treasures in the eyes of parents. But in a nation torn apart by violence, disease, and poverty, children are left without loving parents. In their orphanage homes, they find hope. Paper, pencils, crayons, and stickers donated by American children cover the darkness of their past with bright colors. When you buy "Africrans", you not only support the joys of creativity, but you draw a circle of protection around children, ensuring education, medical care, and a life of safety.


She had won. She could hardly believe it. Her piece was voted "best in show" at the state-wide art competition and the $300 award seemed to have limitless possibilities. With her grand prize money, the help of her family, and piles of unwanted crayons, this twelve-year-old American began a business. From schools, friends, and local restaurants, she collected thousands of broken crayons, over 800 pounds worth. The brightly colored bits and pieces melted down into new creations, sold in support of African orphans. Empowered by creativity, she continues to color once darkened futures with dignity, hope, and happiness.