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Ornament Campaign

WAR Chest Boutique and WAR International Ornament Campaign

In order to see behind the veil, to reach into the hidden hearts and lives of Middle Eastern women, our parent organization, WAR International, has created business partnerships with ten glass factories in Egypt. By cultivating relationships with the male artisans, we gain privileged interaction with their wives and daughters allowing us to design programming specific to their needs. We now offer these women educational and medical scholarships and sponsor a local safe-house with funds from ornament sales. As WAR, Int’l establishes these relationships and programs in the Middle East, we whisper messages of worth and value to these women. Each purchase communicates that they are beautiful, unique, and deserve to be treasured and protected— just like the hand-blown glass ornaments fashioned by their fathers and husbands.

Our Ornament Campaign is an easy and beautiful way to spread light in the lives of at-risk women and children around the world. With your help, these hand-blown glass ornaments are available to purchase by your patrons - right off the display in your office! Every 20 ornaments sold keeps a woman safe in one of our international safe houses for a month!

Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us by displaying our ornaments in your place of business. In doing so, you are helping shine light and change lives!

Contact us at (616) 855-0796 for more information and to sign up to participate in Ornament Campaign!