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Random Threads Bookmark
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Random Threads Bookmark

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This colorful, handwoven bookmark will save where you left off in your book while helping save artisans in the Philippines from trafficking and poverty. Measures approximately 18" long and 1.25" wide, with colors and patterns varying (beyond what's pictured). If you have any color preferences, please indicate them in the "notes" section when ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.



Where this product came from

Threads of Hope


Known for its beautiful beaches, the Philippine Islands are also a hotspot for sexual tourism, even drawing commercial aircraft chartered solely for this purpose. As poor families flock to local beaches to sell their handmade wares to tourists, some are convinced, out of desperation, to instead sell themselves or their children in the underground market. Determined to stem this tide, our partners launched a business to employ at-risk families from an impoverished coastal village. What began as a small purchase of bracelets from one family has grown into a thriving enterprise employing nearly 700 artisans from 250 families. Profits are poured back into the community, funding a school, a community center, and other projects. As families weave these colorful bracelets, they form circles of protection around the innocent, preventing the spread of trafficking and creating sustainability for their community. By investing in their work, you help provide safety for the little ones and empower entire Filipino families to work with dignity.


Although Jesiree knew of other mothers who had sold their children out of desperation, she could not bring herself to send any of her four precious children to the beaches known for prostitution. Instead she walked the hot sand herself, selling souvenirs to tourists. But the money was not enough, and she knew she could not continue to rely on the support of her elderly parents. When our partners at Threads of Hope offered Jesiree employment, she found new hope and independence for her family. Weaving bracelets in the comfort of her own home allows her to take care of her children, and earning a steady income enables her to provide for them and send them to school. Like many other Threads of Hope artisans, Jesiree has seen her business blossom into a family affair, with her teens eagerly joining her each day after school. As they work and create alongside their mother, Jesiree’s children carry on the legacy of safety and sustainability that Threads of Hope has built for their family and community.