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Mother's day | 2024


Shop with Heart this Mother's Day

The Beauty of Empowering Others.

That is what shopping our Mother's Day Collection means. Each piece exudes elegance and carries the spirit of hope and transformation. The stories of the survivors we support are the lifeblood and heartbeat of WAR, Int’l. They are the pulse and reason behind the jewelry you wear.

By choosing these unique pieces specially crafted by women who have overcome incredible adversity, you're not just adorning your loved ones with beauty, you're investing in their stories of triumph and resilience. This Mother's Day, celebrate the strength of mothers everywhere by gifting jewelry that signifies more than just style – it symbolizes empowerment, restoration, and dignity.

You will inspire hope and purpose as you intentionally shop to rescue and empower with every WAR Chest Boutique purchase.

Together, let's make this Mother's Day truly meaningful.  #ShopWithHeart

Wrapped Faceted Earring

On Sale $15.00 Regular price

Wrapped Turquoise Mixed Media Necklace

On Sale $19.00 Regular price

Rose Gold Journey Necklace

On Sale $19.00 Regular price

Wrapped Amethyst Crystal Necklace

On Sale $26.00 Regular price

Midnight Baroque Wrap Necklace

On Sale $44.00 Regular price

Rangichangi Necklace Long

On Sale $27.00 Regular price

Adorable Heirloom Necklace

On Sale $18.00 Regular price