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A merry medley: christmas in august! (the new july)


As the temperatures outside reach record highs, we’re left looking for ways to beat the heat this summer. With that in mind, WAR Chest Boutique is excited to bring you Christmas in AUGUST (July)! Regardless of the weather, the true spirit of Christmas is not limited to a time or a season. Of course, there's something special about that "most wonderful time of the year" when hearts are softened, we feel more kindly towards one another, and we reach out in love to those less fortunate. But why is this simply reserved for Christmas? The spirit of Christmas is found in our ‘togetherness,’ in our efforts to think of others, and in the generosity we extend of both gifts and emotions.


This spirit of Christmas illuminates the window of our souls, opening our eyes to what's truly important: each other. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas doesn’t have to come just once a year. We can extend the light of love to those who need it most all year long by gifting them with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and earn an income with dignity. When we offer the wounded and at-risk a 'hand-up' instead of a handout, we empower them to stay free. By purchasing the work of their hands, you help capture the spirit of Christmas, putting love into action. So, what are we waiting for? The joy of helping others may be the very boost your summer needs! Shop our 'Merry Medley' of beautifully handcrafted items knowing your gifts give back to those in need!

Capped Fingerless Gloves

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Silver Beloved Necklace

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Berry Jade Layered Bracelet

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Sea Breeze Necklace

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Floating Pearl Selenite Necklace

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Pastel Ceramic Earrings

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Neutral Stoney Brook Necklace

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Make Me Blush Necklace

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