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Oak Cross Necklace for Men and Women - Jewelry - WAR Chest Boutique
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Oak Cross Necklace for Men and Women - Jewelry - WAR Chest Boutique Oak Cross Necklace for Men - Jewelry - WAR Chest Boutique

Oak Cross Necklace

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The Oak Cross Necklace uses natural materials for a simple design that is great for both men and women. The wooden cross charm is approximately 2.5" x 1.5" in size and hangs from soft brown leather cord for a total length of 29". Designed and created by women in South Africa working to gain their independence, every purchase provides ongoing support for these artisans and their families.


Where this product came from

Ray of Light

South Africa

For decades, Africans fleeing political turmoil in their homelands have journeyed south in search of freedom, safety, and stability. Mothers and their children often make these long and arduous treks alone. At the end of each journey lies a daunting new beginning, as these displaced families face the formidable challenge of rebuilding their lives. Reaching into these refugee communities, Ray of Light is determined to offer hope and opportunity. Under its protective guidance, once-disadvantaged women now craft well-designed, high-quality jewelry inspired by the colors and rhythms of their continent. As they create these beautiful pieces, they earn a living for themselves and their children, supporting themselves with dignity. Taking a personal interest in their welfare, Ray of Light offers assistance to workers with housing and medical needs, enabling families to flourish and put their suffering behind them. When you wear the work of their hands, you walk alongside these women on their journeys toward true refuge and promising futures.


Deftly arranging colorful stones and strands into an intricate design, Zenzele smiles, remembering her first day on the job years ago. Back then, her hands had trembled while fumbling with the delicate beads, and she’d blinked back tears as she worked, thinking about her precious baby boy. She’d come so close to losing him—the job had come at just the right time. On the verge of despair, with little hope of finding work, she’d been hired by the friendly couple in the marketplace to work in their growing jewelry business. Over the years, as she has watched her son grow healthy and strong, she’s worked hard to help the business grow as well. As Ray of Light has continued to provide steady employment to the marginalized men and women of the community, Zenzele has thrived in her work. The vibrant patterns within her creations reflect the joy and hope that have been woven through her family’s story. Thanks to Ray of Light, this once-despairing mother now walks in hope, knowing each piece of jewelry she creates is helping to ensure a promising future for herself, her son, and others in their community.