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Rangichangi Necklace Long
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Rangichangi Necklace Long

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Approximately 75" multicolored glass bead necklace.

The Nepalese people use the phrase "Rangi Changi" to describe something that has great energy but is complex and chaotic. This beautiful necklace is the embodiment of that culturally rich phrase--two strands of multi-colored beads wrap around each other with various glass beads and rock chip pieces intertwined. If you're looking for something culturally dynamic, this just might be the piece for you! Handcrafted by women who have been exploited in, or at-risk of, the sex industry of Nepal, now empowered to work with dignity.


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Nepal Cafe & Crafts


Another girl had disappeared from the village. Reena had seen too many impoverished families fall prey to offers from foreigners promising schooling or jobs abroad for their daughters. She knew traffickers targeted the poorest and most vulnerable—and that the best way to protect them was to provide a means of income. Reena and her husband opened a small café and bakery to employ at-risk men and women in their village, and when some expressed a desire to make and sell bracelets and necklaces, they branched out into the jewelry market. Together, these sustainable microenterprises not only provide employment but also help fund a safehouse, counseling services, scholarships, and vocational training, as well as classes in literacy, health, and trafficking awareness. Reena’s program also provides micro-loans to at-risk women and families desiring to launch their own businesses. Once a small microbusiness, Nepal Café & Crafts has blossomed into a thriving, multifaceted organization that attacks trafficking at its root cause and breathes hope into an entire community. When you purchase these beautiful products, you invest in the lives of those at risk and empower visionaries like Reena to keep dreaming and doing.


Kumari had never known a family. Orphaned as an infant, she was lured at age seven by the lies of those who promised love and protection. Instead she found betrayal and abuse, as those she had trusted sold her night after night to strangers. After years of repeatedly being raped and beaten, Kumari attempted suicide. When she came to Nepal Café & Crafts at sixteen, she trusted no one and had lost any semblance of hope. Our partners took her in, providing a safe home away from those who had owned and controlled her. They taught her how to make jewelry, offering the hope of a different and better future. Just as importantly, they listened to her stories of suffering and whispered words of worth to her. As Nepal Bakery & Crafts formed a circle of protection around Kumari she found, for the first time in her life, hope, healing, and a true family.