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Eggshell War Remembrance Infinity Scarf - Accessories - WAR Chest Boutique
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Eggshell War Remembrance Infinity Scarf

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These beautiful scarves have been in the works for some time now because we wanted them to be just perfect for you! You will find three different elements in charcoal-colored script on each scarf:

1. The names of individuals that have been rescued from human trafficking;
2. The age of each person when they were rescued;
3. The country in which they were rescued.

All of these components help us to remember the struggle that every single person named has gone through, as well as the organizations and people that are working to support those that have been or are at risk of being human trafficked. Your purchase matters and your purchase changes lives.  Each infinity style scarf is approximately 64" round and has been lovingly created in India of cotton viscose fabric.

Also available in Taupe and traditional style!

***SET FREE SPECIAL VALID 11/26/21 - 12/1/21 ONLY***


Where this product came from

Preventative Product

She may have been abandoned or widowed. Perhaps she has been raped or seen her sister sold. Maybe she has to feed her family and has nothing to sell but herself. These are the stories of women at risk—women who are vulnerable, desperate, and targeted by traffickers. By empowering women to make a living with dignity, WAR, Int’l’s preventative programs strive to “rescue” these women and children before they ever fall prey to traffickers. Women who can provide for themselves and their families are not lured by the money and opportunity “promised” by strangers. They are not driven to selling themselves—or their children—out of sheer desperation. These women can forge new futures for their families, break generational cycles of poverty and exploitation, and create legacies of safety and dignity for others. The beautiful product in your hands was crafted by one of these women, a woman protected and empowered against all odds.

Rescue is not enough—it is only the start. Every time you buy a WAR, Int’l product, you protect and empower an at-risk woman. When you share their stories, you become a voice for the voiceless, sounding a war cry on behalf of those kept in silence. When you volunteer your resources or time, you enter into the front lines of the fight to lift women to dignity. You are our fellow soldiers. You have jumped into the trenches with us. Together we can help the woman or child who is hiding there, waiting for an escape. Without a means to support her family or feed her children, a woman may be lured out of the trench by pimps and traffickers, or even pulled out and sold by family members. But if she can earn a living by sewing or making jewelry, she can work in dignity and safety. Buying the work of her hands offers a woman freedom and a new start, giving her not a handout but a hand-up. Thank you for becoming our fellow WARriors and joining the fight for at-risk women around the world. We couldn’t do it without you!