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Guatemalan Bib with Doll
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Guatemalan Bib with Doll Guatemalan Bib with Doll Guatemalan Bib with Doll

Guatemalan Bib with Doll

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Approximately 12" x 8" rainbow bib with stuffed animal; colors vary.  Made of cotton and nylon with button closure. This rainbow striped bib will not only keep your little one clean, but it also comes with a fun stuffed animal toy to keep him or her entertained. Made with cotton and lined with nylon, this piece can be thrown into the wash (cold cycle) for a quick cleaning. Button closure.  Supports women escaping abuse, trafficking and violence in Guatemala, now empowered to work with dignity.

Where this product came from

Refuge Guatemala


When war breaks out anywhere, it is often women and children who suffer the most. In Guatemala, thirty-six years of civil war have left many seeking healing from a past of violence and brokenness. Refuge Guatemala is a sanctuary of hope for victims of abuse and exploitation. Within the safety of its walls, wounded women and children find shelter and support as they begin their search for healing. Depending on each woman's needs and skill set, suitable job training or educational opportunities are provided. Whether it's creating coffee, jewelry, or sewing aprons, the work is an essential part of the healing process. It gives the women confidence, a sense of self-worth, and a new future through financial security and self-sustainability. Will you join them in this work of restoration? Your purchase will help build circles of protection and hope around these women.


After Three months in prison, Estella was finally reunited with her baby boy. but right after she was released, the drug lords found Estella and demanded that she and her sister return to the drug world. When they refused, the gang murdered her sister, and Estella was forced to flee. At Refuge Guatemala, she found safety. There she found a healing community and the strength to stay clean from drugs. Estella now works with dignity crafting beautiful coffee jewelry. She has earned the money needed to pay her restitution fines and is now attending cosmetology school with plans to become a stylist someday. At Refuge Guatemala, Estella has found freedom for her past. She is beginning a new life, providing for her family, and walking into the future with her head held high.