While our stores are closed, we are ramping up our online presence. Crisis is our passion and our mission. We will continue to be a circle of protection not only for the vulnerable but also for YOU, since we are all vulnerable right now. While we have shut down many functions to honor the Governor's Executive Order, we continue to carry on the most essential functions to our mission. Our finance department continues to work, mostly through remote access. Our 911 line and our phone calls are also being answered remotely during regular business hours. Since the Michigan state governor identified security and communications staff as essential personnel, these efforts continue. While we are taking precautions, we are not afraid. We will continue to serve our wounded with the same passion as before. You can call on us—we will be here for you.
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Winter clearance sale

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Cream Frill Scarf

On Sale $8.00 Regular price

Jeweled Pumpkin Box

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Compass Key Ring

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Alabaster Eggs

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Coral Rope Bracelet

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Pearl & Blue Crystal Bracelet

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Black Double Strand Bracelet

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Pewter Shoe

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Fringed Square Scarf

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Baby Pacifier Ornament Blue

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