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National husband's day

It's extremely gratifying to know that even in the small capacity that I'm able to volunteer, I'm not only uplifting my spouse in her own journey, but aiding dozens of other vulnerable women who desperately need a helping hand. The work being done is so incredibly vital, and I'm honored to be a small cog in the WAR, Int’l machine.” - Shawn, Volunteer/Husband of WAR, Int’l Staff Member


As an organization, we love the safety and protection that the men in our lives consistently demonstrate. We find sweet comfort in their presence. As mothers, we want our sons to be those men. We honor each and every man who uses his strength and integrity to be a circle of protection, a safe place where we can be ourselves, and see our dreams come true.

Men, we are calling to you. We need a few good men and we know you are there. We see you and are calling from the deepest recesses of our hearts for you to join us.

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