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Pakistan Scarves

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Stories of hope and empowerment are interwoven with the colorful threads of these vibrant scarves handcrafted by Pakistani mothers who secretly educate their daughters as they weave. Support a bright, sustainable future for these courageous women by purchasing an accessory that will remind you to dream, seek knowledge, and make a positive impact in the world.

Scarves measure approximately 70" long x 29" wide

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Where this product came from

Daughters of Pakistan


Under Pakistan's strict Islamist rule, an education is off-limits to most young Christian girls. Yet one group of courageous mothers has found a way to bravely educate their daughters. Gathering together under the guise of "making scarves," they stitch and dye colorful fabrics while their daughters secretly learn to read and write. As these mothers provide for their families and pay for tutors, they quietly and deliberately educate their daughters with dignity. Though this program is small, it is profoundly important. If even one of these girls learns to read, think, dream, pray, and love others, she might well be the next Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, or Indira Gandhi! When you wear this scarf, remember the girls in Pakistan who are blossoming into bright, educated women ready to make a difference in their society.


Aamaal's childhood has given her unique insight into surviving and thriving against all odds. Orphaned at the age of twelve, Aamaal clung tightly to her siblings. Then her brother died three years later. Despite the loss, lack of resources, and other obstacles, Aamaal went on to complete an education, teach at a Bible society, and even become the Vice President of a Bible College. Today, Aamaal uses her passion and past experiences to bring education and opportunity to Pakistani girls. Her sister sources the scarves from the Pakistani women, and Aamaal distributes them to WAR, Int'l. As Aamaal sips her cup of tea each morning, it warms her to think of the young girls learning to read, write, and influence their communities. By purchasing this product, you help Aamaal educate and empower the daughters of her country.