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Committed Necklace
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Committed Necklace Committed Necklace Committed Necklace

Committed Necklace

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The Committed Necklace is handmade with hope by rescued women and designed to connect an advocate like you to a survivor in the trafficking hubs of Asia. It’s easy to become paralyzed by the enormity of human trafficking, and we can forget there are real people behind the numbers. The Committed Necklace reminds you, the wearer, that every survivor has a face. Each is a person with a heart and a soul, worthy of love and belonging. The Committed Necklace is a movement of change. It is not one but two necklaces—one for you, and one created from the inside heart of your necklace and gifted to a woman during outreach in the red light districts.

As our partners place the delicate heart around her neck, they whisper a promise of hope and invite her into their program. They tell her that somewhere in another city or country there is a person wearing the other half of her necklace, a person who is committed to remembering her and investing in her future through their purchase. Your gift of a heart speaks the truth that she is neither forgotten nor alone. It sparks courage and opens up the door to freedom. Thank you for living out your commitment to ending injustice one life and one necklace at a time!

18K gold-plated stainless steel and black hematite heart pendant on an 18" 18K gold-plated stainless steel chain and clasp, with 1.3" extension chain.


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China Outreach


Teams of women walk through the red-light districts of China offering words of kindness, encouragement, and hope. Returning time and again, they build relationships with the women they meet. Knowing that most did not choose the lives they are living, the outreach teams offer these women a chance to start again. At the China Outreach safehouse, they receive shelter, medical checkups and treatment, crisis pregnancy counseling, vocational training, and employment. China Outreach’s programs also extend beyond its own borders. If a woman cannot come to them, our partners meet her right where she is—on the streets, inside a brothel, or even in a prison cell. They build relationships with the mafia, pimps, and brothel owners, working to bring about a change of heart. In places where women are deceived into lives of darkness, our partners bring light and hope. Your purchase of their product helps these women find safety, healing, and the promise of a better life.

Xiao Fang

Xiao Fang came to the city full of hope. With her new job, she could finally support her family back in the village. She stepped off the bus, eager to begin her work at a large supermarket. But her excitement soon turned to horror when, hours later, she woke from a drug-induced sleep, trapped within the walls of a brothel. The job offer had been a ruse. She could do nothing but wait, trembling, as her captors auctioned off her virginity to the highest bidder. Just when Xiao Fang had given up hope, the brothel was raided by the police. Thinking she was finally rescued, she instead found herself treated as a criminal and thrown into prison. Xiao Fang’s true rescue came when our partners visited the prison. They brought her to live at their shelter, finally giving her safety and a family she could trust. Now Xiao Fang is slowly finding healing, working with dignity, and supporting her family back home.