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Black Wood Frog for Children - Toys - WAR Chest Boutique
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Black Wood Frog for Children - Toys - WAR Chest Boutique Black Wood Frog for Children - Toys - WAR Chest Boutique

Black Wood Frogs

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Approximately 2.5" x 1.5" black wooden frog with 3.5" croaking stick.

Though it may appear to be only a wooden decorative element (a stunning one at that), this wooden frog has a few hidden tricks. Remove the wooden stick from the frog's mouth and glide it along its ridged back to produce a shockingly realistic croaking sound. Entertain the little ones for hours, impress your friends, or give to your prince charming as a playful gift of humor. Produced in Thailand by an at-risk woman, your purchase keeps this precious woman off the streets, enabling her a life of dignity in the midst of circumstances that tell her she has none.

**Set Free Special valid May 26 - June 1, 2021**


Where this product came from

Preventative Product


She may have been abandoned or widowed. Perhaps she has been raped or seen her sister sold. Maybe she has to feed her family and has nothing to sell but herself. These are the stories of women at risk—women who are vulnerable, desperate, and targeted by traffickers. By empowering women to make a living with dignity, WAR, Int’l’s preventative programs strive to “rescue” these women and children before they ever fall prey to traffickers. Women who can provide for themselves and their families are not lured by the money and opportunity “promised” by strangers. They are not driven to selling themselves—or their children—out of sheer desperation. These women can forge new futures for their families, break generational cycles of poverty and exploitation, and create legacies of safety and dignity for others. The beautiful product in your hands was crafted by one of these women, a woman protected and empowered against all odds.


Alone, with three children but little else to call her own, Nataya was desperate. Her life as a Mia Noi, or “minor wife,” had come to an end. Although polygamy is officially outlawed in Thailand, her situation as an unofficial second wife was not uncommon. Like most Mia Noi, she enjoyed a home and the benefits of her “husband’s” income—but when her illegal marriage fell apart, she found herself cast out with few possessions and no legal recourse. Though she needed a way to support herself and her children, Nataya was determined to avoid the dark underworld of Thailand’s thriving sex industry. Instead, she bravely ventured into the business world, carving toys and goods to sell in the local markets. When her wooden croaking frogs and buffalo horn slingshots came to the attention of WAR, Int’l, her market expanded across the sea, helping to provide a secure future for herself and her children. As Nataya’s business has grown, so has her sense of worth. No longer “minor,” she holds her head high as she proudly peddles her whimsical creations, taking joy in her new life of independence and dignity.