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Handwoven All-Purpose Bag
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Handwoven All-Purpose Bag

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Approximately 3.5" H x 8.5" W, this all-purpose bag is sure to house your essentials.. Carefully crafted in India, the bag is constructed on 100% hand-dyed cotton that has been woven into each unique pattern. Each bag has a zipper closure for easy access. Support at-risk women  by purchasing these unique bags.


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The back strap loom is one of the most ancient weaving tools. At first glance, it looks like a mere jumble of sticks and rope. But when a skilled weaver dons the strap and pulls the loom taut, these simple materials become a canvas for an intricate work of art. Carefully weaving hand-dyed yarn through the strings, the Indian women at Seema use these looms to craft a new story for themselves. Like the materials they work with, they came from humble beginnings, often overlooked by their societies. Many were widowed, abused, or forced into prostitution. But in the Seema workshop, these women become artists, taking pride in the beautiful cloth they weave and sew into purses. This steady, dignified work frees them from pain and uncertainty of poverty. When you use your Seema bag, remember that it carries more than just your makeup and money-it carries the talent and creativity of the woman who made it.


Rama felt invisible. As a woman in a small Indian town, she was hardly valued, with little opportunity to work or go to school. Rama married young, hoping her husband could provide a secure life. But he was unpredictable and spent most of their money on alcohol. When their two children were very small Rama's husband died, and his family abandoned her. Alone, she wondered if anyone would see the plight of a desperate widow and her children. A life on the streets seemed like their only future. But our partners at Seema saw potential in Rama and invited her to join their creative team. Her fellow weavers soon became her close friends, and in this new community Rama found a sense of love and belonging. No longer invisible, Rama now stands out as a star worker. People all over the world can treasure her purses and her powerful story. Because of her work at Seema, Rama knows that she is valued, and that she and her children have hope for a better future.