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Moringa Blend Tea
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Moringa Blend Tea

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Revive your senses with a cup of this lovely, soothing tea.  The taste incorporates a blend of Moringa leaves, black tea, lemon balm and lemongrass. This product supports rescued and at-risk women in the United States.

Where this product came from

Thistle Farms

United States

As the thistle plant grows, it presents a hard exterior to the world. Spiked leaves protect it from predators while sharp blossoms hide its inward beauty. But as the thistle matures, it slowly exposes delicate purple petals, reaching toward the bright sun. Likewise, a wounded woman may bear a hard, protective outward shell, but as she heals, it slowly falls away and her inner beauty is revealed. At Thistle Farms, women extract healing oils from the thistle plant, using it to create soaps, lip balms, creams, and candles. Working together is part of their healing journey, which also includes counseling, education, and plenty of encouragement. Within the comfort of a safe community, they slowly heal from the scars of abusive childhoods, a painful addictions, and broken pasts. When you purchase and enjoy their hand-crafted products, you support a community of healing, hope, and revealed beauty.


Little girls dream of being princesses. They dream of careers as doctors, teachers, veterinarians, explorers, and moms. No little girl imagines a life of prostitution. Shelly didn’t either, yet her home wasn’t a safe place, and her formative years were filled with sexual abuse. Abandoned to strangers at age nine, she ran away at age thirteen, actively searching for a life free of pain. However, the streets only offered more abuse and exploitation. Addicted, jailed, and desperate, Shelly knew she needed help. When she walked through the doors at Thistle Farms, she was welcomed with open arms and unconditional love. Within this nurturing community, Shelly finally experienced the healing and freedom she had so desperately longed for. Now on her own, happily married with children, Shelly is passionate about giving back and encouraging others who have endured abuse, giving them hope that their lives, like hers, can become something beautiful.