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Men of Honor Greeting Card - Stationary - WAR Chest Boutique
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Men of Honor Greeting Card

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A 5" X 7" greeting card describing how we honor the men in our lives as "Knights in Shining Armor." Comes with a white envelope. Give this card paired with a gift from our boutiques or simply on its own, supplying information with a personal touch from you! As an organization of women, we love the safety and protection that the men in our lives consistently demonstrate. Text on front reads: "We Honor the circle of men in our lives who empower us to be all God created us to be. They are special fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, and friends who are always strong, ever gentle. You believe in us, protect us, and surround us with dignity. We are drawn to your strength and the circle of protection that you create. You are our Knights in Shining Armor, our Rescuers and Protectors, our Prince Charming, Friends, and Heroes. We respect and thank you for the many hats you wear that all spell H-E-R-O." Your purchase supports the continual work of WAR, Int'l both domestically and abroad.

*Set Free Special valid 5/26/22 - 6/1/22*


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U.S. Training Center

Encompassed Creations

Precious wounded women and children have walked through the doors of the Women At Risk, International headquarters—weary and in need of a safe haven. Our U.S. Training Center (USTC) provides them with a fresh beginning in a holistic program offering counseling, skills training, scholarships, employment, and much more. As women learn to design and create beautiful products within a nurturing community, they are also learning to redesign their lives and dream again. Working with dignity empowers them to provide for their children, learn skills, build a resume, and change their futures. As WAR, Int’l fields an increasing flow of needs and requests, we are growing the USTC to add more services, serve more women, and widen our circles of protection. When you purchase jewelry, candles, spa products, and other items handcrafted by our artisans, you invest in our own communities, helping us rescue, restore, and empower in “the land of the free.”


Hope bolted into WAR, Int’l headquarters, running from her trafficker. As our staff enveloped her in safety, her story unfolded. After being sold from Michigan to Mexico, she had escaped and returned home—to the same hometown as her trafficker. She feared she would never be safe. WAR, Int’l formed a circle around Hope, providing security, medical care, and a pro bono lawyer. Today she is safe in a partnering program. Hope’s story is echoed in the hundreds of rescue calls WAR, Int’l receives from American citizens seeking safety in the land of the free. Through our U.S. Training Center, we continue to provide circles of protection and freedom, offering women a chance to rebuild their lives and find HOPE.


WAR, Int’l staff met Monique on outreach in the bars of Grand Rapids. Hearing her story, we offered her alternative employment—and the very next day, she showed up at our headquarters. After trying in vain to write a resume for one who had only known the abuse of the red light district, we hired her—and a pilot program was born. Monique began to design and create beautiful jewelry, working with dignity and in safety while and earning a reference that would blot out her broken past. As the U.S. Training Center program grew, so did her skill. Free and empowered, Monique is now employed in the local community, creating a better future for herself and her children.