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Life Foot Blue Onesie Newborn with Beaded Spoon
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Life Foot Blue Onesie Newborn with Beaded Spoon

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Newborn blue "Life foot" onesie with hand beaded baby spoon.

Perfect for this season's baby shower; give a gift that shows that life is indeed precious. Blue onesie reads "Life. For I know the plans I have for you…" Comes with a silver baby spoon with hand beaded design. 100% Cotton.  Each onesie is screen-printed and the spoon hand-beaded in the USA; sold in support of at-risk American youth.


Where this product came from

New Life

United States

In between the miles of beach grass and sand dunes that line the shores of Lake Michigan lie a number of charming lighthouses. These now historic landmarks were once a lifeline for sailors, guiding them through stormy waters to safe harbor. Now, not too far from the coast of Northwest Michigan is a different form of lighthouse. New Life is a program offering guidance and safety to youth coming out of trauma, trafficking, or abuse. Through counseling, education, and life skills training, our partners walk with young adults on the journey toward healing and wholeness. As the girls learn how to tend the earth, care for animals, restore cars, and create beautiful works of art, a deeper inner healing and restoration takes place. When you buy the work of their hands, you take part in this redemptive process. You help young girls find safe harbor, healing, and new life.


Cassie was abandoned as a baby. Unwanted, she traveled between a series of abusive foster homes before she was finally adopted. But instead of cherishing their new daughter, Cassie's family caused even deeper wounds. They abused her, even selling her from their own home. The trauma forced Cassie to retreat deep into her own mind, leading to a severe mental illness. Cassie felt sure she was far too broken to ever find healing. That was three years ago. Today, Cassie can be found on a forty-acre farm in Northern Michigan, pursuing the path to healing, restoration, and removal. Here our partners are helping Cassie put back together the broken pieces. Through counseling, education, and life skills training, Cassie is finding wholeness and renewal. Here she continues to learn that she is capable, beautiful, and, most importantly, made new.