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Leaf & Carnelian Necklace Set
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Leaf & Carnelian Necklace Set Leaf & Carnelian Necklace Set Leaf & Carnelian Necklace Set

Leaf & Carnelian Necklace Set

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Approximately 26" long carnelian, Swarovski crystal and shell necklace set with sterling silver toggle clasp.  Comes with matching red carnelian earrings.

This necklace set evokes the crisp scent of apples and a light fall breeze with its warm colors. Red carnelian beads, cream colored shell leaves with gold crystal beads and wire, this necklace and the matching carnelian earrings will complete your autumn look! Handcrafted by women escaping the sex industry of Thailand, now empowered to work with dignity.  Today these women are no longer owned, but are themselves owners of a business.  Each piece comes with the name and age of the rescued woman who crafted it.


Where this product came from

Thai Safehouse #5


Kay and her husband are from different parts of the world, but both of their hearts were broken for the women of her country. Together they began a ministry to offer hope and healing to Thai women trapped in the sex trade. Every week they reach out to the women in the bars, slowly building trust and relationships. They offer the women an opportunity to make a living in a safe place, free of abuse and debt bondage. Women who join the program are offered shelter, counseling, child care, and vocational training under the loving guidance of safehouse staff, who are dedicated to walking alongside each woman on her journey toward healing. As they learn sewing and jewelry-making skills and progress through the program, the women are working toward financial and emotional independence and re-integration into the community. They become empowered to begin their own microbusinesses, continue their education, and return to their villages to cultivate change. Today many of these women are independent, confident business owners. They work with dignity, provide for their families, and serve as ambassadors of hope to their own communities.


As the oldest child, Thom was expected to support her family—not just her own child, but also her mother, siblings, and grandparents. After repeatedly rejecting her mother’s request for her to work in the bars, Thom was abandoned by her family in the nearby red-light district. Seeing no other choice, she began working in the bars, drinking to numb the fear and pain. Thom’s journey to freedom began when staff from Thai Creations safehouse visited the bar where she worked. As they compassionately spoke into her life, she slowly came to trust them. Thom eventually left the bars and joined their program, finding the freedom she had so desperately longed for. She began learning English and quickly discovered her talent for jewelry and clothing design. Today, she is the program director, training others at the safehouse and regularly reaching out to women still trapped in the red-light districts. Thom is a woman empowered, working to rescue and empower other vulnerable women.