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Cafe Femenino Whole Bean Coffe
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Cafe Femenino Whole Bean Coffe

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12 oz. Organic, Fair-Trade Whole Bean Coffee from Peru. Smooth, full bodied with semi-sweet chocolate and carmel undertones.

Café Femenino Coffee Project provides not only an organic, fair-trade product, but it is also a social program for female coffee producers in rural communities around the world. In the poor region of Peru where this coffee is grown, women are largely marginalized and written off as useless. Café Femenino coffee is grown exclusively by women. By changing the roles of women, your purchase improves the quality of life in these communities and helps to build a sustainable economic system.


Where this product came from

Cafe Feminino


The women were quiet. They had no political voice, no authority, and no protection from violent abuse. Without education, they were forced to watch their own children endure the extreme poverty that plagued their rural homes. But at a local coffee farm, seeds of hope began to blossom. Cafe Feminino provided the local women with safe working conditions and stable incomes while classes continue to equip them with valuable life skills, leadership training, and the ability to affect change. As the men see their wives, sisters, and daughters taking action within the community, their own perspectives begin to transform, slowly accepting this positive cultural change. Loud cries for gender equality now replace the once silenced voices of oppressed women. When you pour a cup of Cafe Feminino's rich coffee, you join WAR, Int'l in celebrating the empowerment of women and the security of South American families.


Eliana worked hard, but she needed help. Her small plot of land barely fed her family, causing hunger and poverty to plague them like a violent illness. When a coffee farm for women opened near their home, Eliana desperately wanted to go. There, she knew she would learn how to use her land, to cook healthy meals, and develop an income for her family. Having never gone to school, Eliana was eager to learn. Her husband felt unsure. Age-old traditions and cultural expectations demanded that women remain in the home. But Cafe Feminino quickly benefited their family, and he too became excited to see his wife work and attend classes. As Eliana's own children grew healthy, the entire community also flourished. Men and women began working together, farming land, selling produce, and discussing community issues. Elina and others at Cafe Feminino feel empowered. They are not only capable of providing for their families but are regarded as valued community members.