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Black and Beige Diamond Pattern Scarf - Accessories - WAR Chest Boutique
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Black and Beige Diamond Pattern Scarf - Accessories - WAR Chest Boutique Black and Beige Diamond Pattern Scarf - Accessories - WAR Chest Boutique

Black and Beige Diamond Pattern Scarf

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Wear this beautiful, lightweight, scarf knowing you are supporting women all around the world fight for freedom. This scarf was handmade by artisans in Thailand. By purchasing this scarf, you not only add a great piece to your wardrobe, but you help support hard-working hands with fair trade wages. Shop with a purpose!

Available in Olive & Green, Navy & Teal, Pink & Beige!

Dimensions: 72" L by 34" W


Where this product came from

Preventative Product


She may have been abandoned or widowed. Perhaps she has been raped or seen her sister sold. Maybe she has to feed her family and has nothing to sell but herself. These are the stories of women at risk—women who are vulnerable, desperate, and targeted by traffickers. By empowering women to make a living with dignity, WAR, Int’l’s preventative programs strive to “rescue” these women and children before they ever fall prey to traffickers. Women who can provide for themselves and their families are not lured by the money and opportunity “promised” by strangers. They are not driven to selling themselves—or their children—out of sheer desperation. These women can forge new futures for their families, break generational cycles of poverty and exploitation, and create legacies of safety and dignity for others. The beautiful product in your hands was crafted by one of these women, a woman protected and empowered against all odds.


Tui’s husband is paralyzed. She is alone in supporting her five children and extended family—a very common scenario in Thailand. Hardworking and resilient, Tui began dying Thai silk and hand-making beautiful scarves, which she sold to provide for her family. But after an overseas company failed to pay for a huge shipment, her business collapsed. When our staff met Tui, she was anxious, in debt, and desperate. After WAR, Int’l began carrying her product, she slowly began to rebuild her life and business. Her daughter went back to school, earned her MBA, and is now helping her mother and looking forward to her future. WAR, Int’l is committed to Tui and each individual woman in the Thai scarves program, offering counsel as well as a market for their work. We walk beside them as they gain business skills, learn bookkeeping, and grow their enterprises. In so doing, we carry out our commitment to bring you beautiful, quality products while helping at-risk women to work with dignity and purpose.