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Yellow Dot Pouch for Women - Purses & Bags - WAR Chest Boutique
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Yellow Dot Pouch for Women - Purses & Bags - WAR Chest Boutique Yellow Dot Travel Pouch

Yellow Dot Travel Pouch

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The Yellow Dot Travel Pouch is both durable and functional, with a brightly-colored yellow background with white polka dot printed exterior. Use this pouch for work and school supplies, toiletries, hair products, and/or makeup items. The pouch is approximately 9'' in length with a 4.5'' depth, giving you plenty of space for storage. Each pouch is marked with its hand-stamped leather logo from our partners in the Dominican Republic.


Where this product came from

Curative Product

The scars of abuse, abandonment, addiction, and slavery run deep. They are not easily healed. They infect the mind, body, and soul, crippling human dignity. But as WAR, Int'l develops curative programs and partnerships, wounded women begin the difficult journey toward renewal. Physical, spiritual, and emotional care creates communities of hope and healing. Soon, women are forging new futures within the safety of their programs, learning sought-after and sustainable skills. When a rescued woman's creations are brought and bragged on, she becomes an empowered individual, knowing that she has value beyond the world's red light districts. Women in curative programs go on to care for their families, earn diplomas and college degrees, and find careers of dignity. When you wear products created by rescued women, you join them on the journey and help heal the pain of their past.

Every time you buy a WAR, Int'l product, you protect and empower an at-risk woman. When you share her story, you become a voice for the voiceless, sounding a war cry on behalf of one kept silent. When you volunteer your time, talents, or treasures, you enter the front lines of the fight to lift women to places of dignity. You are our fellow soldier. Together we can pull wounded women and children from the trenches and offer them places of safety and healing. Our war is not in vain. Empowered women are returning to the battlefield, joining the fight themselves. As counselors, authors, social workers, and teachers, they rescue and protect the innocent. The fight is not over. But as more men, women, and families join us, more lives will be restored. Thank you for becoming a fellow WARrior and taking action against that which threatens hope, justice, and freedom.