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Silver Priyanka Scarf
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Silver Priyanka Scarf Silver Priyanka Scarf Silver Priyanka Scarf

Silver Priyanka Scarf

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Silver Cotton Blend Scarf: 20" by 78"

This subtly patterned scarf is perfect for dressing up your winter essentials! Pair it with a neutral sweater and leggings, or wear it with your winter coat to add a little style while bundling up. This scarf was handmade by artisans in India that use eco-friendly products. By purchasing this scarf, you not only add a great piece to your wardrobe, but you help support lots of hard-working hands with fair trade wages.


Where this product came from

Sevya Handmade


As soon as the sun rises on the day of the Holi Festival, people spill onto the streets of India to celebrate. Vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and pinks paint the faces of the young and old, neighbors and strangers, friends and enemies. This festival is a celebration of spring, love, a fertile harvest, and new beginnings. These same vibrant colors are woven into the scarves and shawls of Sevya Handmade. Also woven into the fabric is the message of communal harmony and new beginnings - the story of local artisans joining together, creating a thriving community empowered to rise above poverty. Each scarf or shawl is handmade, fair trade, and ecofriendly. Its sales fund both the artisans and need-based development programs throughout India. When you buy one of these pieces, you don't support a single artisan; rather, you help the many hands that are crafting a new story for their community.


Vimla appears much older than thirty years. Perhaps it is because adulthood came upon her as a child, when she married at fourteen and had her first child at sixteen. Vimla grew up believing that her sole purpose was to marry young and raise a brood of strong, healthy boys. According to the people of her village, going to school would have been pointless. Now, as she raises her precious daughters, her purpose lies in providing for their education. "I want my girls to study and be smart," she says. "They should be able to make choices." Working with our partners has given Vimla the opportunity to learn new skills and to ensure a bright future for her girls. As she picks up her embroidery, Vimla confidently declares, "My daughters will study and be intelligent and aware."